SABAT Leisure Batteries

SABAT Batteries provides a wide selection of leisure batteries that cater for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Our batteries are perfect for outdoor activities like camping, boating, and caravanning because they are designed to deliver dependable and long-lasting power.

The technology used in the construction of SABAT’s leisure batteries guarantees maximum performance and sturdiness. With our dependable and effective products, SABAT Batteries can meet all your leisure battery needs for your camper, or other outdoor vehicle.

*Note – not to be used in standby and solar applications.

Features & Benefits – Leisure Batteries

  • Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), does not require topping up battery with water.
  • Spill proof.
  • Longitudinal handle for easy carrying.
  • Durable and hardwearing.
  • GEL technology – improved discharge depth and charge acceptance.
  • Award winning alloys – batteries last longer.
  • Improved cycling performance compared to standard flooded batteries.
  • Performs better for certain types of applications, cases where the battery needs to discharge for a long time and then recharge.
  • Suited for use in:
    • Small scale solar systems/low cost solar installations.
    • UPS integration/home-based power backup systems.
    • Dual battery systems for vehicle/trailer/caravans.
    • Maximum depth of discharge 50% at room temperature.
    • Not recommended for use in cranking applications.
  • 25 month nation-wide warranty.
  • 98% recyclable.



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