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With a focus on durability and reliability, SABAT Batteries have become the popular choice for adventurous individuals who crave outdoor exploration. Whether it’s camping in the rugged wilderness or embarking on thrilling off-road adventures, SABAT Batteries provide the power needed to conquer any challenge.

SABAT Batteries is a renowned brand in the battery industry, manufacturing a wide range of batteries at its state-of-the-art production facility in Gqeberha.

With access to the latest product expertise, SABAT Batteries has built a trusted reputation since its establishment in 1967, with its first factory situated in Johannesburg.

Today, SABAT Batteries continues to meet the diverse needs of the market, offering reliable and high-value batteries for cars and other vehicles. As battery experts, SABAT Batteries enjoys strong support and brand loyalty from motorists, including sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you require a battery for your car, boat, jet ski, or quad bike, SABAT Batteries is the top choice for fun-loving adventure seekers looking for the best car battery and exceptional performance.

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SABAT Batteries are available from these approved stockists

SABAT batteries are available nationwide at selected stockists, fitment centres, part shops and SABAT Xpress battery centres. With SABAT Batteries’ expansive distribution network, you can now conveniently locate a SABAT battery to suite your vehicle at outlets nationwide. If you need a replacement battery or expert advice, visit your nearest stockist to explore the wide range of batteries, and stay on the move.

How to get your battery delivered and fitted

Battery on Call

Do you need a battery delivered and fitted ASAP?

Being ready for a flat car battery is the key to keeping your journey uninterrupted. Have a new battery delivered and fitted by calling us on 08600 SABAT (72228).


This service is available Monday – Sunday, 07:00am – 22:00pm.

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