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SABAT Batteries, renowned as the lifestyle battery brand of choice, cater to the diverse needs of adventure seekers with its wide range of batteries. Whether you’re powering boats, jet skis, cars, or quad bikes, SABAT Batteries has you covered. As the go-to brand for fun-loving enthusiasts, SABAT Batteries understands the importance of a reliable, durable brand you can count on.

SABAT’s reputation as the battery experts shines through as it provides products that deliver exceptional reliability and value for money. When it comes to SABAT Batteries, you can always count on durable and efficient solutions that keep the excitement alive in every journey.

SABAT Batteries – The lifestyle battery of choice

SABAT Batteries & BEE

AutoX, the home of SABAT Batteries, takes great pride in its status as a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Level 3 contributor. Recognising the importance of economic empowerment in the automotive industry, AutoX has worked diligently to foster diversity and inclusivity within its workforce as well as empower South Africans through various activities.

We firmly believe that the benefits of diversity in the workplace contribute to its overall strength as a business. This commitment to diversity fuels sustainable growth, benefiting not only SABAT Batteries as a brand but also its customers, partners, and the communities it serves. By making substantial BEE contributions, the SABAT brand plays an active role in promoting economic empowerment and building a brighter future for all.


SABAT Batteries is a prominent name in the automotive industry and has a rich history that dates to 1967 when it was established. The company’s first factory was located in Johannesburg. Over the years, SABAT Batteries has made a significant impact on the market, becoming known as the country’s fastest moving battery brand through its sponsorship of local motorsport back in the 1970’s. With its distinctive red colour scheme, SABAT has built a strong brand reputation and recognition amongst consumers. What started as a car battery manufacturer has now evolved into a celebrated lifestyle brand, enjoying the unwavering support and brand loyalty of motorists, including sports and outdoor enthusiasts. SABAT Batteries is not just a household name, but also a symbol of excellence in the industry.


For over 15 years, SABAT Batteries has kept the wheels rolling for all members of the QuadPara Association of South Africa by donating SABAT batteries for members’ wheelchairs. The longstanding relationship is celebrated annually when SABAT and QASA members gather for an event hosted by SABAT Batteries. The event is a hugely popular one on the QASA calendar and is defined by courage, resilience, camaraderie, fun and competition.

It all began in 1997 when a deal was done to ensure that quadriplegics using power wheelchairs could get access to sponsored SABAT batteries that power their wheelchairs and help to empower their lives. Power wheelchairs cost between R20 000 and R100 000 and these essential mobility aids allow quadriplegics the freedom and independent mobility they deserve.


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