Agricultural Vehicles

When finding and replacing the battery for your tractor or other agricultural machinery, SABAT’s online battery selection tool is your ultimate resource. From batteries for heavy-duty vehicles to replacement batteries for tractors, the battery selection tool provides a comprehensive range of battery options to choose from.

If you’re after simplicity when finding and replacing the battery for your tractor, look no further.

Features & Benefits – Agricultural Batteries

  • Sealed Maintenance Free – Does not require topping up with water
  • Rugged Case Design – Ideal for agricultural and construction vehicles
  • Vibration resistant – Can handle rough terrain and tough weather conditions
  • Reliable Starting Power – Power on demand no matter the terrain
  • Continuous Multi Start – Less fleet down time
  • Cranking and Standard Electric Demands – Excellent starting performance and can supply all in cab electrical consumers
  • Long Lasting – Supply electrical performance for long hours and in the toughest conditions.
  • Reliable Power – Can stand up to the longest hours and toughest conditions
  • Robust Grid Design – More durable battery
  • High Temperature Design – Reliable operation in African temperature conditions
  • High Performance Active Materials – Extended lifespan



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