Tips for Storing Your Leisure Vehicle’s Battery

Tips for Storing Your Leisure Vehicle’s Battery

Returning home after a well-earned end-of-year break, before preparations for the new work and school year begin, it’s a good idea to ensure your favourite leisure vehicle’s battery is setup for its corresponding period of rest.

Often taken for granted, the intricate workings of any vehicle’s electrical system, including its battery, require a level of maintenance and upkeep in order to be able to perform optimally when called upon. From caravans to motorboats and motorcycles, in the case of a leisure-focused vehicle, while we’d all prefer to be able to make more frequent use of these items, it’s inevitable that each will spend time securely stored until the next opportunity arises.

Preferably left connected within the vehicle or craft, it’s good practice to ensure that this item is fully charged beforehand. This will ensure that the battery is given the best possible opportunity of maintaining an optimal state of charge until it is next attended to.

If you’re unable to park your leisure vehicle in a controlled, undercover environment, then it’s better to safely remove the battery from its housing so that this temperature-sensitive item is given the proverbial five-star treatment. Stored in a cool, dry environment, make sure that the battery is always placed upright and on a sturdy surface, allowing enough space around it for the placement of appropriate charging equipment.

While it’s best practice to make use of an intelligent trickle charger throughout any extended periods of inactivity for your vehicle’s battery, should this equipment not be available, make sure to revisit the battery’s prevailing state of charge at least once every two months. Look to give the surface of the battery a timely wipe to remove any built-up of dust or debris, while keeping a keen eye for potential leaks or damage incurred during transit.

Annual leave booked and the weather forecast looking favourable, consider having your leisure vehicle’s battery checked at an accredited SABAT battery retailer or centre before setting off towards the horizon. State of charge and general condition of the battery aside, these experts can also ensure that all connections and mountings are secure, once more.


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