The following procedure must be followed in respect of claims arising from any defect, malfunction, failure or hazardous characteristic of a product and must be read with the applicable product warranty.

1. The Claimant must complete the official AutoX claim form.

2. If it appears that any person or property has been harmed or damaged because of the defect, malfunction, failure or hazardous characteristic of the product, all documents which show the extent and cost of the harm or damage (such as quotations or invoices for repair services) must be attached to the AutoX claim form. Information about steps that may have been taken to stop or limit any damage resulting from the defect, malfunction, failure or hazardous characteristic of the product must also be provided.

3. The product must be returned to any one of the Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd branches together with the claim form and supporting documents.

4. The above steps must be done within 30 days of the Claimant becoming aware of the defect, malfunction, failure or hazardous characteristic.

5. Once the product has been returned to any of the Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd branches a representative of Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, will inspect  or collect the product in order to determine whether the product is in fact defective or hazardous or has in factmalfunctioned or failed and if so, whether the defect, malfunction, failure or hazardous characteristic caused harm to a person or damage to property.   

6. Once the product, claim form and supporting documents have been inspected, Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, will determine whether in fact the product is defective or hazardous or has in fact malfunctioned or failed and if so, will offer to remedy the defect, malfunction or failure and, where applicable, harm suffered by way of the various options available.

7. These options could include, for example, the replacement or repair of the product and will always include remedies given to consumers under the Consumer Protection Act where these remedies are applicable to the facts of the case and where the time for such remedies set out in the Consumer Protection Act, has not run out.

8. In the event that the conclusion of the representative of Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, is disputed, the Claimant may appoint an independent person (at his cost) to assess the claim.  If this is done and the independent assessor comes to a conclusion different to that of Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, representative, the Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, representative will re-consider his conclusion and advise whether or not the original conclusion is changed.

9. Claimants will always be entitled to pursue claims in respect of sub-standard, unfit, failed, hazardous, unsafe or defective products as contemplated in the Consumer Protection Act, using the specific mechanisms set out in chapter 3 of the Consumer Protection Act.

10. In order to finalise any resolution or settlement of a claim relating to a defect, malfunction, failure or hazardous characteristic and, where applicable, any resulting harm, the Claimant will be asked to sign a discharge.


Product Warranty

1. In the event that the Battery is unsuitable for its intended purpose, of poor quality, not in good working order,  defective, sub-standard or wears out within the first 25 months from date of original purchase, Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, will, subject to the limitations explained below: (a) repair or recharge the battery (b) replace the battery

2. The warranty of Batteries is for a period of 25 months and should the Battery fail due to a manufacturing default, the Battery will be replaced. The duration of the original warranty of Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, period will only be applicable to the newly replaced Battery

3. In order to obtain the remedies set out above, the purchaser of the battery must make use of Sabat Batteries, a  division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, claims procedure, available at any dealer who sells Willard or SABAT Batteries, and or at www.sabat.co.za or www.willard.co.za

4. The undertakings given by Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, in (1)(a) to (c) above are, in terms of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, only available for six months after the delivery of the Battery to the purchaser of the Battery.

5. Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, will have the right not to provide the remedies set out above to the extent that the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 does not oblige Sabat Batteries, a division of AutoX (Pty) Ltd, to do so in the circumstances of a particular case.