The Maretha Duran Story

Maretha Duran was born with Spina Bifida – a condition that she’s managed to deal with all her life. At the age of seven, she had
stent-implants to enable her to get by on her own and to go to a mainstream school. She has never let her physical disability impede her independence or dictate her passion for life. Maretha drives her own car, helps others where and how she can, and does not talk about the pain and difficulty she lives with on a daily basis.

The reality is that she could lose her legs through amputation. One of her best friends, Elize, asked Good Morning Angels to help with a new pair of specialised shoes/boots. Maretha has already been for a consultation to have these made, but she has no way of paying the R10 000,00 bill. That’s where our Angels from AutoX (suppliers of Willard and Sabat batteries) come in.

AutoX Sponsoring: AutoX will pay for Maretha’s brand new, specially manufactured shoes. They will also give her an additional R20,000 to help with expenses and to make her life a little easier during the festive season and into the new year.