SABAT’s New Campaign Hits the Road

The Age Of Shared Experiences

The rise of social media and all manner of content sharing, all point to the simple fact that we love to share the stories and events we find interesting in our lives.

Regardless of your social or professional status, sharing interesting stories is what brings us together. Whether it’s a humorous snippet from your daily life or a highlight from an important milestone, sharing the story is half the experience.

Start Your Story With Your Car

Over the years, numerous stories have started with the turn of a car key. The moment that a Sabat battery starts a car, it sets in motion a series of events ranging from the dramatic, heroic, spectacular, legendary or a combination of all!

When we say “Start your story”, we give people the opportunity to tell a story that begins with a Sabat battery setting things in motion, or we are extending the invitation to join us in the fun and start your own exciting adventure.


Start your story with SABAT!