What is C2C?


The C2C Mission – a journey of epic proportions – is slowly making its way through Africa. It is no normal journey, as it is being undertaken by seven Land Rovers, which are travelling from Chartwell in South Africa to Chartwell in England.

The trip is the brainchild of lifelong Land Rover adventurers Robert Eriksen and Mark McClue. Finding an abandoned 1982 Series 3 Land Rover in the Cradle of Humankind, restoring it in Chartwell SA and re-naming it “Winston”, gave birth to Eriksen’s idea to drive across Africa to Chartwell House, the ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill in the UK. On a more serious note, the C2C Mission is involved in work to uplift communities through its work with the youth and the conservation of water resources.  

The cavalcade, which set off on the 10th of July 2022, is scheduled to take 3 months and will follow a route through Africa and Europe. Three weeks into the C2C22 Mission, the team has travelled 7200kms and passed through seven countries: Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and are currently in Ethiopia.

They spent the night in Francistown en route from South Africa to Botswana during the first stage of their 3-week journey. The team encountered a blowout and a leaking cooling water pipe on day one, but these minor problems were quickly resolved by the team, and they were soon back on the road, heading upwards and onwards.

The C2C mission together with SABAT batteries and other partners and sponsors, aims to raise R5m via donations towards developing opportunities for youth within sustainable environments. It is the first of five missions envisioned to take place by 2030 as part of its support for Africa and working with the youth.


September Update

Day 78 of the C2c Autobarn Mission has seen our two intrepid teams forced to split up by a combination of ill fortune and bureaucracy. Team A, consisting of 4 team members, has flown into Athens while their vehicles cross the Mediterranean to Greece. Team B is still in Djibouti due to shipping and vehicle issues but are expected to depart shortly.

Despite these setbacks, the teams are upbeat and remain pretty much on schedule. Team A, which has covered 14 500kms since its departure, has a four day wait until their vehicles arrive, after which they will progress through Europe to the UK. 

Team B has been beset by a tangle of bureaucratic frustrations beyond its control and remains in Djibouti. It has been forced to re-route via the Suez Canal to Istanbul from where it will travel through Eastern Europe towards the UK.

Team A’s Alley Grunewald reported that they finally reached Alexandria in Egypt on the 16th of September where they spent a few days meeting their shipping agent and sorting out paperwork which would allow their vehicles safe passage out of Egypt.

“We took a minibus back to Cairo where we spent one night. From there we flew to Athens and are staying in a place called Elliniko. It was great to spend the afternoon at the beach and have a swim in the Mediterranean although this ended badly for Trevor who was stung quite badly by a jellyfish.

October Update

Congratulations to the first team of the c2c22 Mission which has arrived at Chartwell House in the UK. What an incredible journey! With 23 countries under the belt, that’s no small achievement!