The Sabat battery is loved by those with a passion for life. Whether you’re in a boat, on a jet ski, exploring on your quadbike, or doing a road trip down the coast, it has become renowned as the battery of choice as it is able to cater to a diverse market. Equipped with a 25-month warranty and boasting progressive battery and manufacturing technologies, the Sabat battery finally has a battery registration site to meet these advancements.

By following one of the two simple steps below, battery registration is easier than tackling any biking track!

For Batteries with a Serial Number:


  • If you own a mobile phone with a QR code scanner, scan the QR code visible on the lid of your newly purchased Sabat battery.
  • Visit the Register My Battery site and manually input the battery serial number in the space provided and submit the requested information on the seamless and user-friendly site.

For Batteries without a Serial Number:


  • Visit the Register My Battery site, find the option “Battery doesn’t have serial number?”, click here and complete the required fields.

Now you’ll be able to:

✔ Recall battery information when you need it.
✔ Check the status of your battery warranty.
✔ Upload your proof of purchase of your serialised battery which means that no further proof of purchase is required when claiming a warranty.
✔ With permission, receive personalised information and handy tips, updates and promotional information.

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