Use the below filters to find the right battery for your motorcycle. While every effort was made to ensure that the information contained in this online tool is accurate, SABAT does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information published in this selection guide. By using this Battery Replacement Guide you agree to the terms set out in our Disclaimer.

Size Make Model Type
125cc Aermacchi SX N/A
175cc Aermacchi SX N/A
250cc Aermacchi Chimera B396
250cc Aermacchi SX N/A
50cc Aprilla AREA51, ET, H20, LC, YB4LB
50cc Aprilla Mc Gulliver, Mojito, YB4LB
50cc Aprilla Mojito 25 KM/H FL, YB4LB
50cc Aprilla Mojito FL, MX50, Pegaso, YB4LB
50cc Aprilla Rally, Replica, RS50, YB4LB
50cc Aprilla Scarabeo 2T YB4LB
50cc Aprilla Scarabeo 4T YB9B
50cc Aprilla Scarabeo 50 YB4LB
50cc Aprilla Scarabeo Diech YTX5LBS
50cc Aprilla Scarabeo eu YB9B
50cc Aprilla Sonic, Sonic Acqua, SR 50 de YB4LB
50cc Aprilla SR CARB YB9B
50cc Aprilla SR Ditech YTX5LBS
50cc Aprilla SR IE, SR IE 25 KM/H YB9B
50cc Aprilla SR Netscaper, ST Urban/Viper, YB4LB
50cc Aprilla SR50 YB4LB
50cc Aprilla SR50 Ditech YTX5LBS
100cc Aprilla Scarabeo 2T YTX5LBS
100cc Aprilla Scarabeo 4T YB9B
125cc Aprilla AS R YB5LB
125cc Aprilla Atlantic YB12ALA2
125cc Aprilla Classic, ETX E-Starter YB9B
125cc Aprilla ETX Kick Starter N/A
125cc Aprilla Habana, Custome YTX9BS
125cc Aprilla Leonardo YB12ALA2
125cc Aprilla Mojito, Mohito FL YTX7LBS
125cc Aprilla MX125 YB4LB
125cc Aprilla Rambla YTX12BS
125cc Aprilla RS 125 11 KW, RS 125 F.P., YB9B
125cc Aprilla RS 125 YB9B
125cc Aprilla RX 125 11 KW, RX 125 F.P. YB4LB
125cc Aprilla Scarabeo 99-07 YB12ALA2
125cc Aprilla Scarabeo 08- YTX12BS
125cc Aprilla Sport city YT12B4
125cc Aprilla Sport city 08- YTX12BS
125cc Aprilla Sport city rest YTX12BS
125cc Aprilla ST, STX E-Starter YB9B
125cc Aprilla ST, STX Kick Starter, ST/STX/ETX N/A
125cc Aprilla SX 11 KW, SX F.P. YB4LB
125cc Aprilla Tuareg E-Starter YB9B
125cc Aprilla Tuareg Kick Starter N/A
125cc Aprilla Tuono YB9B
150cc Aprilla Leonardo YB12ALA2
150cc Aprilla Mojito Y TX7LBS
150cc Aprilla Scarabeo YB12ALA2
150cc Aprilla SR 150 YTX7LBS
200cc Aprilla Atlantic, Scarabeo YB12ALA2
200cc Aprilla Sport city YT12B4
200cc Aprilla Sport city 09- YTX12BS
200cc Aprilla Sport city rest YTX12BS
250cc Aprilla Atlantic YB12ALA2
250cc Aprilla ETX E-Starter YB14LA2
250cc Aprilla ETX Kick-Starter N/A
250cc Aprilla Leonardo, ST SP YB12ALA2
250cc Aprilla Rambla Y TX12BS
250cc Aprilla RS Replica, RS250 YB4LB
250cc Aprilla Scarabeo -08 YB12ALA2
250cc Aprilla Scarabeo 08- YTX12BS
250cc Aprilla Scarabeo L YTX12BS
250cc Aprilla Sport city, Sport city rest YTX12BS
300cc Aprilla Leonardo YB12ALA2
300cc Aprilla Sport city rest YTX12BS
350cc Aprilla ETX E-Starter YB14LA2
350cc Aprilla ETX Kick-Starter N/A
400cc Aprilla Atlantic, Scarabeo, Scarabeo L YTX12BS
450cc Aprilla Enduro, Motard, MXV, YTX7ABS
450cc Aprilla RXV 450, SXV 450 YTX7ABS
500cc Aprilla Atlantic 03-05 YB14LA2
500cc Aprilla Atlantic 06- YTX12BS
500cc Aprilla Scarabeo YB14LA2
500cc Aprilla Scarabeo, Scarabeo L YTX12BS
550cc Aprilla Enduro, Motard, RXV 550, YTX7ABS
550cc Aprilla SXV 550 YTX7ABS
600cc Aprilla ETX E-Starter YB14LA2
600cc Aprilla ETX Kick Starter N/A
650cc Aprilla ETX E-Starter YB14LA2
650cc Aprilla ETX Kick-Starter N/A
650cc Aprilla Pegaso YB12ALA2
650cc Aprilla Pegaso Factory, Pegaso Strada YTX12BS
650cc Aprilla Pegaso Trail YTX12BS
650cc Aprilla Pegaso/IE YB12ALA2
650cc Aprilla Stark YB14LA2
750cc Aprilla Dorsoduro, SHIVER YTX14BS
800cc Aprilla MANA YTX14BS
850cc Aprilla MANA YTX14BS
1000cc Aprilla ETV Caponord YTX14BS
1000cc Aprilla RST Futura YTX12BS
1000cc Aprilla RSV 1000 4V Factory YTZ10S
1000cc Aprilla RSV 1000 Factory YTX12BS
1000cc Aprilla RSV 1000 Mille 00 YTX14BS
1000cc Aprilla RSV 1000 Mille 00-03 YTX12BS
1000cc Aprilla RSV 1000 Mille R YTX12BS
1000cc Aprilla RSV 1000 R YTX12BS
1000cc Aprilla SL Falco YTX14BS
1000cc Aprilla Tuono, Tuono Factory YTX12BS
1000cc Aprilla Tuono Fighter, Tuono R YTX12BS
N/A ATK All Electric Start Models ’91-’95 YTX9-BS
N/A ATK All Electric Start Models ’96-’0 YTX7L-BS
125cc Benelli Adiva YTX14BS
125cc Benelli Velvet YTX9BS
125cc Benelli 150cc N/A
125cc Benelli Adiva YTX14BS
125cc Benelli Velvet YTX9BS
250cc Benelli Velvet YTX12BS
500cc Benelli LS, 4 Zyl YB14LA2
900cc Benelli Sei, 900 6 cylinder Y60N30LA
50cc Betamotor Adventur Ark Eikon YB4LB
50cc Betamotor Eikon 2001on YTX9BS
125-150cc Betamotor Eikon YTX9BS
600cc Betamotor YB9-600 YB12ALA2
750cc Betamotor SB3 750 YB14LA2
900cc Betamotor HS2900 YB14LA2
1000cc Betamotor YB10 Dieci YTX14BS
1000cc Betamotor YB6 YB14LA2
N/A BIG DOG All Models All Years YTX20HL-BS
125cc BMW C1 YB14LA2
150cc BMW C1 YB14LA2
200cc BMW C1 YB14LA2
250cc BMW R25/2/3 B496
260cc BMW 26 B396
500cc BMW R50/5, R50/R 50S/R 50-2/ MB12V20P
500cc BMW R51/R51-2-3 B496
600cc BMW 60-5 MB12V20P
600cc BMW F650 YB12ALA2
600cc BMW F650, S Y60N30LA
600cc BMW F650CS/GS/ST YB12ALA2
600cc BMW R60LS MB12V20P
600cc BMW R60S YB14LA2
600cc BMW 65 Y60N30LA
600cc BMW R69S B496
650cc BMW F650 YB12ALA2
650cc BMW F650GS YTX14BS
750cc BMW K75, -S, -RT,RTJ Y60N30LA
750cc BMW R75-5 (Bicylinder) MB12V20P
750cc BMW R75-6 Y60N30LA
800cc BMW F800, GS, ST YTX14BS
800cc BMW R80, R80RT, R80ET, R80GS Y60N30LA
850cc BMW R85C, R85R/RT/GS, R259 MB12V20P
900cc BMW R90ST MB12V20P
1000cc BMW R100R MB12V20P
1100cc BMW R1100GS MB12V20P
1100cc BMW R1100R, LT, RS, RT 94-01 MB12V20P
1100cc BMW R1100RS, RT 93- MB12V20P
1100cc BMW R1100S MB12V20P
1150cc BMW R1150 GS, R1150GS, R MB12V20P
1150cc BMW R1150R/RS/RT MB12V20P
1200cc BMW K1200 Cruiser MB12V20P
1200cc BMW K1200LT, GT, RS, S MB12V20P
1200cc BMW K1200R, S YTX14BS
1200cc BMW R1200C, RT MB12V20P
1200cc BMW R1200GS, K1200R, R1200R, S YTX14BS
N/A Daelim NS125 YTX7ABS
50cc Derbi All 50cc Models YB4LB
125cc Derbi Boulevard125 N/A
150cc Derbi Boulevard150 N/A
N/A BSA 6 volt N/A
N/A BSA 12 volt YB9B
N/A Buell 500 Blast YTX14BS
N/A Buell M2 Cyclone N/A
N/A Buell RR1000 YTX20BS
N/A Buell S3, S3T N/A
N/A Buell XB12S Lightning YTX14BS
N/A Buell X1 Lightning N/A
125cc Cagiva Cucciolo, Planet, Supercity YB9B
125cc Cagiva Roadster, WRE125 YTX5LBS
650cc Cagiva Raptor YTX12BS
1000cc Cagiva Gran Canyon YTX14BS
1000cc Cagiva Navigator YB16B
1000cc Cagiva Raptor YTX12BS
75cc Ducati Six Days 6N42A4
129cc Ducati Aurea B396
200cc Ducati Motocarro N/A
350cc Ducati Alazurra, F3 YB14LA2
350cc Ducati GTL, GTV Sport N/A
350cc Ducati Y50N18LA2 N/A
350cc Ducati Indiana, Pantah, XL YB14LA2
350cc Ducati SS Supersport YB16ALA2
350cc Ducati Vento YB12AA
400cc Ducati Alazurra, F3 YB14LA2
400cc Ducati Monster YT12B4
500cc Ducati GTL, GTV N/A
500cc Ducati Y50N18LA2 N/A
500cc Ducati Pantah YB14LA2
500cc Ducati Sport N/A
500cc Ducati Y50N18LA2 N/A
600cc Ducati M City/M Dark/M Dark City YB16ALA2
600cc Ducati M Dark YT12B4
600cc Ducati Monster YB16ALA2
600cc Ducati Monster YT12B4
600cc Ducati Pantah, TL YB14LA2
620cc Ducati Monater/IE/S IE/Sport YT12B4
650cc Ducati Alazurra, Indiana, Pantah YB14LA2
748cc Ducati Biposto, S R YT12B4
748cc Ducati Strada Biposto, SP, SPS YB16ALA2
749cc Ducati Superbike 749R,S YT12B4
750cc Ducati GT, Luguna Seca Y60N30LA
750cc Ducati Indiana YB14LA2
750cc Ducati M City/M Dark/M Dark City YB16ALA2
750cc Ducati M Dark, M IE/M IE Dark YT12B4
750cc Ducati Monster, New Monster, Sport YT12B4
750cc Ducati SS, SS IE 00 YB16ALA2
750cc Ducati SS IE 01-02 YT12B4
750cc Ducati SS Supersport Kick-Str. YB12AA
800cc Ducati Monster S, Monster S2R YT12B4
800cc Ducati Supersports YT12B4
850cc Ducati Electric Y60N30LA
860cc Ducati GT, GTS Y60N30LA
860cc Ducati Kick-Start YB12AA
900cc Ducati M Chromo YB16ALA2
900cc Ducati M Chromo YT12B4
900cc Ducati M City/M Dark/M Dark City YB16ALA2
900cc Ducati M Dark YT12B4
900cc Ducati M IE2/M IE DARK2 YT12B4
900cc Ducati M Metallic YB16ALA2
900cc Ducati M Metallic/M S YT12B4
900cc Ducati M Special YB16ALA2
900cc Ducati Monster YT12B4
900cc Ducati Monster, Superlight YB16ALA2
900cc Ducati SD Darmah Y60N30LA
900cc Ducati Sport YT12B4
900cc Ducati SS (avviamento pedale) YB12AA
900cc Ducati SS IE YB16ALA2
900cc Ducati SS IE YT12B4
900cc Ducati SS Supersport, Replica YB14LA2
900cc Ducati 916cc N/A
900cc Ducati ST4 YB16ALA2
900cc Ducati ST4 YT12B4
900cc Ducati 944cc N/A
900cc Ducati Sport Touring2 (ST2) YB16ALA2
900cc Ducati ST2 YT12B4
992cc Ducati ST3 YT12B4
996cc Ducati 996, S, SPS, Monoposto 99-00 YB16ALA2
996cc Ducati Monoposto 01-, Bistro, S, YT12B4
996cc Ducati Sport Touring4S YT12B4
996cc Ducati SPS/SPS2 YB16ALA2
996cc Ducati ST4S ABS YT12B4
998cc Ducati 998, 999, R, S, YT12B4
998cc Ducati Monoposto/S/Biposto, ST4 YT12B4
1000cc Ducati Desmosedici RR, Monster S2R YT12B4
1000cc Ducati Monster S4, S4RS, S4R YT12B4
1000cc Ducati Multistrada, Supersport HF YT12B4
1098cc Ducati 1098 YTX14BS
1098cc Ducati Hypermotard 1100S YT12B4
1098cc Ducati Superbike 1098, S, Tricolore YT12B4
1098cc Ducati All other models YT12B4
1098cc Ducati Sport N/A
1098cc Ducati Y50N18LA2 N/A
1386cc Excelsior-Henderson Super X YTX20LBS
N/A Gas Gas Pampera YTX4LBS
500cc Harley Davidson MT500 (Military) YB14LA2
883cc Harley Davidson XL, XLH (Sportster) YTX20LBS
1200cc Harley Davidson XL, XLH (Sportster) YTX20LBS
1340cc Harley Davidson FXR Series YB16B
1450cc Harley Davidson FXD Series (Dyna), YTX20LBS
1450cc Harley Davidson FXST, FLST Series (Softail) YTX20LBS
1580cc Harley Davidson FXD Series (Dyna) YTX20LBS
1580cc Harley Davidson FXST, FLST Series (Softail) YTX20LBS
50cc Honda Bite, C110 YTZ7S
50cc Honda CHF50 Metropolitan, II, SP, YTZ7S
50cc Honda Dio Z4 YTZ7S
50cc Honda Fifty YB4LB
50cc Honda Giorcub, Giorno YTZ7S
50cc Honda Gorilla YTR4ABS
50cc Honda GP Dio YTX4LBS
50cc Honda Gyro Canopy YTX7LBS
50cc Honda Gyro Up, Gyro X YTX7LBS
50cc Honda Julio YTZ7S
50cc Honda Lead YTX4LBS
50cc Honda Lead YTZ7S
50cc Honda Little Cub YTX4LBS
50cc Honda Monkey YTR4ABS
50cc Honda NPS50, S Ruckus YTZ7S
50cc Honda PK Wallaroo, Press Cub YTX4LBS
50cc Honda PXR YB4LB
50cc Honda SA Vision, SA50 Elite LX, S, SR YTX4LBS
50cc Honda SC01 YTX4LBS
50cc Honda SH50 Scoopy, Crea YTZ7S
50cc Honda Shadow50, Sky, SP Dio, SR50 YTX4LBS
50cc Honda SXR, SZX50 YTR4ABS
50cc Honda Tact YTZ7S
50cc Honda TC50 YTX7LBS
50cc Honda X8R-X/X8R-S YTR4ABS
50cc Honda Zoomer YTZ7S
50cc Honda ZX50 YTR4ABS
80cc Honda CH80, CH80 Elite YTX5LBS
90cc Honda Shadow90 YTX5LBS
90cc Honda Super Cub YTX4LBS
100cc Honda BC100 YTX4LBS
100cc Honda CB100 6N63B
100cc Honda LEAD YTX7LBS
100cc Honda NH100-1D YB5LB
100cc Honda SCV100, SH100, SJ Bali EX YTX5LBS
110cc Honda C110 YTZ7S
125cc Honda CB Italia, CBX/Endurance 6N63B
125cc Honda CG125 (E-Stater) YTX5LBS
125cc Honda CG125 (Kick-Stater) YTX4LBS
125cc Honda CMX YTX7LBS
125cc Honda CRM YTX4LBS
125cc Honda CS 6N63B
125cc Honda FES125 00 YTX9BS
125cc Honda FES125 03-, Panteon YTX7LBS
125cc Honda NES125, Dylan YTX7LBS
125cc Honda NX125 YB9B
125cc Honda NXR125 YTX5LBS
125cc Honda SES125, SH125 YTX7LBS
125cc Honda Spacy125 YTZ125
125cc Honda VT125 Shadow YTX7LBS
125cc Honda VT125C, XLV125 Valadero YTZ7S
150cc Honda CG150 TITAN YTX7LBS
150cc Honda CRF150F YTX5LBS
150cc Honda FES150 99-02 YTX9BS
150cc Honda FES150 03- YTX7LBS
150cc Honda Foresight150, NES150, YTX7LBS
150cc Honda NES150 Z YTX7LBS
150cc Honda Pantheon YTX9BS
150cc Honda SES150, SH150 YTX7LBS
150cc Honda XLR150 YTX5LBS
200cc Honda XR200 YTX7LBS
225cc Honda FTR YTX5LBS
230cc Honda CRF230F, L, SL230 YTX5LBS
230cc Honda XR230 YTZ7S
250cc Honda CB250 Nighthawk YTX7LBS
250cc Honda CB250FV Hornet YTX7LBS
250cc Honda CBR250RR, CBX250 TWISTER YTX7LBS
250cc Honda CJ250 T YB9B
250cc Honda CMX250 C Rebel, CMX250C3 YTX7LBS
250cc Honda CN250 Helix, fusion TypeXX YTX12BS
250cc Honda CRF250X YTX5LBS
250cc Honda FES250 Foresight YTZ125
250cc Honda FES250V Foresight YTX12BS
250cc Honda Forza X, Z, NS250S YTZ125
250cc Honda NSS250 JAZZ, NSS250 Reex YTZ125
250cc Honda PS250 Big Ruckus, SM250 YTZ125
250cc Honda XR250 YTX5LBS
250cc Honda XR250 TORNADO YTX7LBS
350cc Honda CB350F, CB350K YB12AA
400cc Honda CB400 SS YTR4ABS
400cc Honda CB400 Super Four YTZ10S
400cc Honda CBX400F/F II YB12AA
400cc Honda NS400 R/Raiden YTX5LBS
400cc Honda NV400 DC Shadow YTX14BS
400cc Honda NV400 DC Shadow Skasher YTZ10S
400cc Honda NV400 Steed YTZ10S
400cc Honda RVF400 (NC35) YTX7ABS
400cc Honda Silver Wing400 YTZ125
450cc Honda CB450K/K7 YB12AA
450cc Honda CRF450X YTZ7S
500cc Honda CB500 YTZ10S
500cc Honda CB500K-1/K-3 YB12AA
500cc Honda CBF500 YTZ10S
500cc Honda CX500 Custom YB12AA
582cc Honda FSC600 Silver Wing YTZ125
600cc Honda CB600 F, Hornet, ABS YTX7LBS
600cc Honda CB600 SF YTX7LBS
600cc Honda CB600F YTZ10S
600cc Honda CB600F (599) YTX7LBS
600cc Honda CBF600 YTZ10S
600cc Honda CBR600 YTX9BS
600cc Honda CBR600 F4i, 600RR YTZ10S
600cc Honda CBR600F/SP 87-00 YTX9BS
600cc Honda CBR600F/SP 01- YTZ10S
600cc Honda CBR600FS/SX, CBR600RR YTZ10S
600cc Honda FJS600, Silver Wing YTZ125
600cc Honda Shadow600 YTX9BS
600cc Honda Silver Wing YB14B2
600cc Honda VT600 C, CD Shadow Deluxe YTZ10S
600cc Honda VT600C, CD Shadow Deluxe, YTX9BS
600cc Honda VLX YTX9BS
600cc Honda XL600V N/A
650cc Honda Deauville650, FX650, NT650V YTX9BS
650cc Honda XL650, V, Transalp YTZ12S
650cc Honda XR650L YTX9BS
680cc Honda DN-01 YTZ14S
750cc Honda CB750 F II, CB750 Nighthawk N/A
750cc Honda CR750 45 YTX9BS
750cc Honda NV750 Shadow Slasher YTZ14S
750cc Honda RVF (RC45) YTX14BS
750cc Honda VF750C, C2, D Magna YTX12BS
750cc Honda VT750C Shadow YTX14BS
750cc Honda VT750C, CA, C2 YTZ12S
750cc Honda VT750CD, CD2 Shadow Deluxe YTX14BS
750cc Honda VT750CDA, B, C, D Shadow, YTX14BS
750cc Honda A.C.E. Deluxe YTX14BS
750cc Honda VT750DC, A, B Shadow Spirit YTZ14S
750cc Honda XRV750 African Twin YTX14BS
800cc Honda VFR800 YTZ12S
800cc Honda VFR800, A Interceptor, ABS YTZ12S
800cc Honda VFR800P YTZ14S
900cc Honda CB900 FZ80 YB14LA2
900cc Honda CB900F Hornet YTZ10S
900cc Honda CBR900RR FireBlade YTZ10S
900cc Honda CBR929R, CBR954RR YTZ10S
919cc Honda CB900F (919) YTZ10S
929cc Honda CBR929RR, RE YTZ10S
954cc Honda CBR954RR YTZ10S
1000cc Honda CB1000R, CBF1000F YTZ10S
1000cc Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 04-07 YTZ10S
1000cc Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 07- YTZ7S
1000cc Honda RVT1000R RC51 YTZ12S
1000cc Honda VTR1000 F 97-00 YTX12BS
1000cc Honda VTR1000 F 01- YTZ12S
1000cc Honda VTR1000F Super Hawk 97-00 YTX12BS
1000cc Honda VTR1000F Super Hawk 01-05 YTZ12S
1000cc Honda VTR1000SP YTZ12S
1000cc Honda VTR1000SP II YTX12BS
1100cc Honda CB1100 YTZ14S
1100cc Honda CB1100SF YTX12BS
1100cc Honda CBR1100 XX YTZ12S
1100cc Honda CBR1100 XX Blackbird YTX12BS
1100cc Honda ST1100, A Police, Pan Eur. YTX14BS
1100cc Honda ST1100, ABS-TCS, 1100A YTX14BS
1100cc Honda VT1100 C II YTZ14S
1100cc Honda VT1100 C2 Shadow Sabre YTX14BS
1100cc Honda VT1100C, C3, T Shadow 98-00 YTZ14S
1100cc Honda VT1100C, C3, T Shadow 01-07 YTX14BS
1100cc Honda VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre YTX14BS
1200cc Honda VFR1200F YTZ14S
1300cc Honda CB1300 Super Four YTZ14S
1300cc Honda CB1300DC X4 Type LD YTX14BS
1300cc Honda Pan-European, ST1300, A, P YTZ14S
1300cc Honda ABS, STX1300, VT1300CS, YTZ14S
1300cc Honda CR, CXA YTZ14S
1300cc Honda VTX1300C, S Retro YTX14BS
1300cc Honda VTX1300R, S, C YTX14BS
1300cc Honda X4 YTX14BS
1500cc Honda GL1500 C (F6C) YTX14BS
1500cc Honda GL1500 Valkyrie YTX14BS
1800cc Honda GL1800 MB12V20L
1800cc Honda GL1800 Gold Wing YTX20LBS
1800cc Honda GL1800A Gold Wing YTX20LBS
1800cc Honda NRX1800 Valkyrie Rune YTX20LBS
1800cc Honda VTX1800C, F, N, R Retro, S YTX20LBS
50cc Husaberg All Electric Start Models 97-00 YTX9BS
50cc Husaberg All Electric Start Models 01-02 YTX5LBS
450cc Husaberg FE450e/6, FS450e/6 YTZ7S
550cc Husaberg FE550e/6 YTZ7S
650cc Husaberg FE650e/6, FS650e/6 YTZ7S
125cc Husqvarna GT125SP N/A
250cc Husqvarna TE-SM YTZ7S
350cc Husqvarna Scrambler Elettronica N/A
450cc Husqvarna TE-SM YTZ7S
510cc Husqvarna TE-SM YTZ7S
750cc Husqvarna Aviamento, GT Y60N30LA
800cc Husqvarna S, SS Y60N30LA
900cc Husqvarna GT Y60N30LA
1100cc Husqvarna Grand Prix Y60N30LA
50cc Hyosung SB Super Cab YTX4LBS
50cc Hyosung 100cc N/A
50cc Hyosung Cab100, EZ100 YTX4LBS
50cc Kawasaki AR50 C2-C4 YB12AA
50cc Kawasaki AR50 C5 6N63B
100cc Kawasaki KH100 G5-G8 6N63B
110cc Kawasaki KSR110 YTX4LBS
125cc Kawasaki AR125 A1A-A8, AR125 B1-B8 YB5LB
125cc Kawasaki AR125 S YB5LB
125cc Kawasaki BN125 YB9B
125cc Kawasaki BN125 A1-A2 Eliminator YB9B
125cc Kawasaki KDX125 B1-B4 N/A
125cc Kawasaki KH125 K1-K6 6N63B
125cc Kawasaki KH125 K7, K10 N/A
125cc Kawasaki KH125 L1 6N63B
125cc Kawasaki KMX125 A1-A8, A11 YB4LB
125cc Kawasaki KMX125 B1-B9 YB4LB
250cc Kawasaki 250TR (BJ250F) YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki D-TRACKER (LX250E) YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki EL250 D, E, F, EL252 N/A
250cc Kawasaki Estrella-BJ250 A2,A3,C2,C3 YTX9BS
250cc Kawasaki EX250 Ninja YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki EX250 Ninja 250R YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki GPX250R EX250 F2-F8 N/A
250cc Kawasaki GPX250R-II (EX250G1) N/A
250cc Kawasaki GPZ250 EX250H1-H4 N/A
250cc Kawasaki GPZ250R EX250 F9-F13 YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki GPZ250R EX250 H5-H9 YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki KL250 D2-D16 YB4LB
250cc Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki KL250G, H Super Sherpa YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki KLX250S, ZR250A, B Balius YTX7LBS
250cc Kawasaki ZXR250, R (ZX250A,C) N/A
250cc Kawasaki ZZ-R (EX250H) YTX7LBS
400cc Kawasaki FX400R (ZX400A) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki FX400R (ZX400C2-C4, D) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki GPX400R (ZX400F) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki GPZ400F-II (KZ400M) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki GPZ400S (EX400A) YB14LA2
400cc Kawasaki KLE400 (LE400A) YTX12BS
400cc Kawasaki KLX400R, KLX400SR YT7B4
400cc Kawasaki VN400A, C Vulcan YTX12BS
400cc Kawasaki Z400 Custon (KZ400B) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki Z400F-II (ZX400C) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki Z400GP (ZX400A) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki Z400LTD, -II (KZ400H,K) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki ZL400, A1 Eliminator YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki ZR400 B1 YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki ZR400C, G Zephyr YTX12BS
400cc Kawasaki ZR400D Xanthus YTX9BS
400cc Kawasaki ZRX, -II (ZR400E,F,D) YTX9BS
400cc Kawasaki ZX-4 (ZX400G) YB12AA
400cc Kawasaki ZXR400, R (ZX400M, L) YTX9BS
400cc Kawasaki ZZ-R400 (ZX400N) YTX12BS
440cc Kawasaki LTD440 YB12AA
450cc Kawasaki KLX450R YTZ7S
500cc Kawasaki EN500-C Vulcan LTD YB12ALA2
500cc Kawasaki EN500D Ninja 500R YB14LA2
500cc Kawasaki ER5 (ER500A, B) YTX12BS
500cc Kawasaki ER525KW, ER537KW YTX12BS
500cc Kawasaki EX500-D Ninja 500R YB14LA2
500cc Kawasaki GPZ500S (EN500D, E, F) YB14LA2
500cc Kawasaki KLE500 (LE500) YTX12BS
550cc Kawasaki GPZ550E/L, ZF550 YB12AA
600cc Kawasaki GPZ600E/L YB12AA
600cc Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja (ZX636A) YTX9BS
600cc Kawasaki ZX600-E, F Ninja ZX-6, 6R YTX12BS
600cc Kawasaki ZX600-G, J Ninja ZX-6R YTX9BS
600cc Kawasaki ZX600-K, M, N Ninja ZX-6RR YTX9BS
600cc Kawasaki ZX600E ZZR Ninja YTX12BS
600cc Kawasaki ZZR600 98-02 YTX9BS
600cc Kawasaki ZZR600 02-04 YTX12BS
600cc Kawasaki ZZR600 05-08 YTX9BS
636cc Kawasaki ZX636-B, C Ninja ZX-6R YTX9BS
650cc Kawasaki EJ650 YTX14BS
650cc Kawasaki ER6, F, N, ER650-A, B YTX12BS
650cc Kawasaki EX650-A, B YTX12BS
650cc Kawasaki KL650-A, E, KLR YB14LA2
650cc Kawasaki KLE650, A, B (Versys) YTX12BS
650cc Kawasaki KLR650C YB14LA2
650cc Kawasaki Ninja 650R YTX12BS
650cc Kawasaki Tengai YB14LA2
650cc Kawasaki W650 YTX14BS
650cc Kawasaki Z650B1/B2/ZBSR YB10LA2
750cc Kawasaki VN750-A Vulcan YB14LA2
750cc Kawasaki Z750 YTX9BS
750cc Kawasaki ZR-7, S (ZR750) YTX12BS
750cc Kawasaki ZR750 (Z750S) YTX9BS
750cc Kawasaki ZR750C, D Zephyr F YTX12BS
750cc Kawasaki ZX-7R, P Ninja YTX12BS
750cc Kawasaki ZX750-P Ninja ZX-7R YTX12BS
750cc Kawasaki ZXR750, R (ZX750J) YTX9BS
750cc Kawasaki ZXR750R (ZX750K, M) YTX12BS
800cc Kawasaki VN800 Classic B, VN800 D YTX14BS
800cc Kawasaki VN800-A, B, C, E Vulcan YTX14BS
800cc Kawasaki Classic, Drifter YTX14BS
800cc Kawasaki VN800-A, B, E Vulcan, Classic, YTX12BS
800cc Kawasaki Drifter YTX12BS
900cc Kawasaki A4 900 YB10LA2
900cc Kawasaki VN900, B, C, D YTX12BS
900cc Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic YTX12BS
900cc Kawasaki ZX-9R (ZX900C, D) Ninja YTX9BS
900cc Kawasaki ZX-9R (ZX900E, F) Ninja YTX9BS
900cc Kawasaki ZX900-E, F Ninja (ZX-9R) YTX9BS
1000cc Kawasaki GTR1000 (ZGT00A) N/A
1000cc Kawasaki KZ1000-P Police N/A
1000cc Kawasaki KZ1000P Police YTX20LBS
1000cc Kawasaki Z1000 YTX9BS
1000cc Kawasaki ZG1000-A Concours N/A
1000cc Kawasaki ZX10 R YT12B4
1000cc Kawasaki ZX1000-C Ninja (ZX-10R) YT12B4
1000cc Kawasaki ZX1000-C Ninja ZX-10R YT12B4
1100cc Kawasaki ZRX1100 YTX14BS
1100cc Kawasaki ZRX1100/II (ZRT10C,D) YTX14BS
1100cc Kawasaki ZX1100 D1 YTX14BS
1100cc Kawasaki ZX1100-D Ninja ZX-11 YTX14BS
1100cc Kawasaki ZZR1100EU (ZXT10D) YTX14BS
1200cc Kawasaki ZG1200 Voyager XII Y50N18LA2
1200cc Kawasaki ZRX1200 DAEG YTX12BS
1200cc Kawasaki ZRX1200R YTX14BS
1200cc Kawasaki ZRX1200R/S (ZRT20A/B) YTX14BS
1200cc Kawasaki ZX-1200A1, ZX-12R YTX14BS
1200cc Kawasaki ZZR1200 (ZXT20C) YTX14BS
1300cc Kawasaki ZGT1300A Y50N18LA2
1400cc Kawasaki ZG1400 Concours YTX14BS
1400cc Kawasaki ZX14 Ninja YTX14BS
1500cc Kawasaki VN1500 F, H YTX16BS
1500cc Kawasaki VN1500 G1 Vulcan Nomad, YTX16BS
1500cc Kawasaki Drifter, VN1500 J1, 2 YTX16BS
1500cc Kawasaki VN1500 L, H, N YTX16BS
1500cc Kawasaki VN1500-D, E, N Vulcan Classic YTX16BS
1500cc Kawasaki VN1500-G, J, L, R, YTX16BS
1500cc Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad, Drifter YTX16BS
1500cc Kawasaki VN1500-P Vulcan Mean Streak YTX16BS
1600cc Kawasaki VN1600-A Vulcan Classic, D, YTX16BS
1600cc Kawasaki Nomad YTX16BS
1600cc Kawasaki VN1600-B Vulcan Mean Streak YTX16BS
1700cc Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager YTX16BS
2000cc Kawasaki VN2000-A Vulcan YTX16BS
250cc KTM EXC 2005- YTX4LBS
250cc KTM EXC-F 2005- YTX5LBS
450cc KTM MXC Racing YTX5LBS
520/525cc KTM EXC, MXC, Racing YTX5LBS
620/640cc KTM Adventure, LS-E, Adventurer YTX9BS
620/640cc KTM SXC YTZ10S
690cc KTM Duke, Edudo, Supermoto YTZ10S
950-1190cc KTM All models YTZ14S
50cc Kymco Calypso, Cobra, Cross YTX5LBS
50cc Kymco CX, Curio, DJ, DJW, DJX, DJY YT4LBS
50cc Kymco Fever ZX, People, Top Boy YTX5LBS
50cc Kymco K12, KB, Sniper, DD YT4LBS
80cc Kymco Filly 80 YTX5LBS
100cc Kymco AS, KB, YTX7ABS
125cc Kymco B & W, Ego, Calypso, Dink, YTX9BS
125cc Kymco Heroism, Vivio YTX9BS
125cc Kymco Fox Hunt, Jockey, People, Zing YTX7ABS
150cc Kymco B & W, Dink, Herosim, Spacer, YTX9BS
150cc Kymco Vivio YTX9BS
150cc Kymco Fox Hunt, People, Zing YTX7ABS
250cc Kymco B & W, Ego, Dink, Super 9 YTX12BS
650cc Laverda Ghost, Strike YB14LA2
668cc Laverda Diamante, Ghost MB12V20P
750cc Laverda Carenata, Formula MB12V20P
50cc Malaguti Centro, Colors, CR1, Crosser EL YB4L-B
125-250cc Malaguti Ciak, Madison YB9B
125cc Moto Guzzi Bicilindrico, Bizylinder 6N11A3A1
125cc Moto Guzzi Custom YB9B
125cc Moto Guzzi Stornello Sport B396
175cc Moto Guzzi Lodola B496
200cc Moto Guzzi Galletto N/A
250cc Moto Guzzi 4 cilinder YB12AA
250cc Moto Guzzi Bicilindrico, Bizylinder 6N11A3A1
350cc Moto Guzzi Florida N/A
350cc Moto Guzzi GTS (4 cylinder) Y60N30LA
350cc Moto Guzzi Nevada/Nevda club, NTX N/A
350cc Moto Guzzi V35, V35 Imola/V35 Monza Y60N30LA
350cc Moto Guzzi V35/V35 GT/V35 C Y60N30LA
400cc Moto Guzzi GTS (4 cylinder) Y60N30LA
500cc Moto Guzzi Falcone u.t. N/A
500cc Moto Guzzi V50, V50 Imola/V50 Monza Y60N30LA
500cc Moto Guzzi V50/V50C Y60N30LA
650cc Moto Guzzi NTX N/A
650cc Moto Guzzi V65 Y60N30LA
650cc Moto Guzzi V65 Florida N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi Breva YB14LA2
750cc Moto Guzzi Nevada 05-08 YB14LA2
750cc Moto Guzzi Nevada 08 N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi MB12V14LB N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi Nevada 750 Classic YB14LA2
750cc Moto Guzzi Nevada 750 S.E. 07 YB14LA2
750cc Moto Guzzi Nevada, Club 00-02 N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi Nevada, Club 08 N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi MB12V14LB N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi Strada N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi V7 Y6ON30LA
750cc Moto Guzzi V7 YB14LA2
750cc Moto Guzzi V7 08 N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi MB12V14LB N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi V7 Classic YB14LA2
750cc Moto Guzzi V75 N/A
750cc Moto Guzzi MB12V14LB N/A
850cc Moto Guzzi Le Man, T3, T4, T5 Y60N30LA
936cc Moto Guzzi BELLAGIO YTX20LBS
1000cc Moto Guzzi 1000NT, Convert, G5/Convert, Y60N30LA
1000cc Moto Guzzi GT, Le Mans, Mille, Quota Y60N30LA
1000cc Moto Guzzi sp/California/III Y60N30LA
1000cc Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro Sport/GT/SP 97-00 Y60N30LA
1000cc Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro Sport, GT 00- YTX15LBS
1064cc Moto Guzzi California Classic YTX20LBS
1064cc Moto Guzzi California Vintage YTX20LBS
1100cc Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport/1 Y60N30LA
1100cc Moto Guzzi Breva, California YTX20LBS
1100cc Moto Guzzi California EV, Stone Y60N30LA
1100cc Moto Guzzi JACKAL Y60N30LA
1100cc Moto Guzzi Quota 1100ES 99-02 YTX15LBS
1100cc Moto Guzzi Quota 1100ES 00-01 Y60N30LA
1100cc Moto Guzzi Stone, EV Y60N30LA
1100cc Moto Guzzi V11 Ballabgio YTX15LBS
1100cc Moto Guzzi V11 Ballabgio YTX20LBS
1100cc Moto Guzzi V11 Bassa Y60N30LA
1100cc Moto Guzzi V11 Cafe Sports YTX15LBS
1100cc Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans Y60N30LA
1100cc Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans Rosso Corsa YTX15LBS
1100cc Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans, Sport YTX15LBS
1100cc Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Y60N30LA
1256cc Moto Guzzi MGS-01CORSA YTX20LBS
750cc MV Augusta F4, Brutale 00-08 YTZ10S
750cc MV Augusta F4, Brutale 04- YTZ10S
750cc MV Augusta F4, SERIE Oro Y60N30LA
910cc MV Augusta Brutale YTZ10S
1000cc MV Augusta F4 YTZ10S
1000cc MV Augusta F4 1000 Y60N30LA
750cc Norton Commando 750 YB9B
850cc Norton Commando 850 YB14LA2
50cc Peugeot 50 SV Blue Star, Buxy, Fox, Rapido YB4LB
50cc Peugeot SC, Squab, SV, Trekker, Zenith YB4LB
50cc Peugeot Looxor, Speedake, Speedght 2, ST YB4LB
100cc Peugeot Elyseo YB9B
100cc Peugeot Looxor, Trekker YTX5LBS
100cc Peugeot Speedght, Vivacity YTX5LBS
105cc Peugeot Ciclomotore YB4LB
150cc Peugeot Elyseo YB12ALA2
250cc Peugeot ST/SV YTX12BS
25-50cc Piaggio Free, FL Velofax, Bullet, Cobra YB4LB
25-50cc Piaggio Injection YB4LB
25-50cc Piaggio Liberty, NRG, Quartz, TPH50 YB4LB
25-50cc Piaggio Bullet, Eaglet, GSA YB4LB
125cc Piaggio Diesis YTX4LBS
125cc Piaggio MP3 YTX12BS
125cc Piaggio Liberty, Nexus, Runner 125VC 4T YTX12BS
125cc Piaggio Vespa ET 4 YTX9BS
125cc Piaggio X7 YTX12BS
125cc Piaggio X9, Apache CX, Arizona, Cougar YB9B
125cc Piaggio XR1/XR2, Freestyle, Hexagon YB9B
125cc Piaggio Vespa PX E YB9B
150cc Piaggio EX150, Hexagon, Liberty YB9B
200cc Piaggio Arizona, Cosa, PX, E, Lusso YB9B
200cc Piaggio Beverly, Liverty, Runner YTX12BS
250cc Piaggio MP3, Nexus, Runner, X7 ie, X8 ie YTX14BS
250cc Piaggio X9 2001 on YTX12BS
300cc Piaggio Nexus, Vespa YTX14BS
400cc Piaggio Beverly, MP3, X Evo YTX14BS
500cc Piaggio Beverly, Cruiser, Euro3, MP3, X9 YTX14BS
350cc Royal Enfield All Electric Start Models N/A
350cc Royal Enfield MB12V14LB N/A
350cc Royal Enfield All Kick-start Models YB5LB
50cc Sanyang Big Wheel, Free, Pure YT4LBS
50cc Sanyang Super Fancy YT4LBS
125cc Sanyang Duke, Husky YTX7LBS
150cc Sanyang Attila YTX7ABS
50cc Suzuki AJ50 ZZS YT4BBS
50cc Suzuki AP50, R7 YTX4LBS
50cc Suzuki AZ50, AZ50 (Lets II_ZZ) YT4BBS
50cc Suzuki FE50, GS50, RC50 YTX4LBS
50cc Suzuki Sepia50, TR50 Street Magic YT4BBS
50cc Suzuki Tune50 YTX4LBS
50cc Suzuki UR50(Velde) YT4BBS
50cc Suzuki UZ50X, X5 YTX4LBS
50cc Suzuki YR50 YT4BBS
50cc Suzuki ZILION YTX4LBS
70cc Suzuki DRZ70 YT4BBS
90cc Suzuki FB90 YTX4LBS
110cc Suzuki Hokuto, UG110 Hokuto YTX5LBS
125cc Suzuki AN125 (Vecstar) YTX7ABS
125cc Suzuki Burgman YTX9BS
125cc Suzuki DR125, D, S YTX4LBS
125cc Suzuki DZ125 YTX7LBS
125cc Suzuki EN125 YB7A
125cc Suzuki Epicuro YTX7ABS
125cc Suzuki GN125, HJ125J YB7A
125cc Suzuki HJ125T-9 YTX7ABS
125cc Suzuki HS125T YTX7LBS
125cc Suzuki PG125 Gamma YTX5LBS
125cc Suzuki RV125 Tracker, VL125 YTX7LBS
150cc Suzuki AN150 YTX7ABS
150cc Suzuki Burgman YTX9BS
185cc Suzuki TS185ER YTX4LBS
200cc Suzuki DR200SE, E, RV200 YTX7LBS
200cc Suzuki T200, TC200 YB5LB
250cc Suzuki AN250 Burgman YT12ABS
250cc Suzuki Big Boy YB10LA2
250cc Suzuki DR-Z250 YTZ7S
250cc Suzuki DR250 YTX5LBS
250cc Suzuki Glass stocker YB10LA2
250cc Suzuki GZ250, GZ250 Marauder, YTX7LBS
250cc Suzuki ST250, TU250G, VL250 YTX7LBS
250cc Suzuki Volty YB10LA2
400cc Suzuki AN400 Burgman 99-02 YTX9BS
400cc Suzuki AN400 Burgman 03-08 YT12ABS
400cc Suzuki DR-Z400, E, S, SM YT7B4
400cc Suzuki GSF400 M, GSR400, GSX400 YTX9BS
400cc Suzuki GSX400FS Inazuma YTX7ABS
400cc Suzuki SV400S YTX9BS
400cc Suzuki VL400 YTX12BS
400cc Suzuki VZ400 YTX7ABS
500cc Suzuki GS500 YB10LA2
500cc Suzuki GS500, F YB10LB2
500cc Suzuki GS500E YB10LA2
500cc Suzuki GS500E, EU YB10LB2
500cc Suzuki GS500EN, GS500F YB10LA2
600cc Suzuki GSF600, S, SU, U, U II YTX9BS
600cc Suzuki GSF600S Bandit, GSR600 YTX9BS
600cc Suzuki GSX-R600 V, W, YTX9BS
600cc Suzuki GSX600F Katana, VS600 GLS YTX9BS
650cc Suzuki AN650 ABS Burgman YTX14BS
650cc Suzuki AN650 Burgman YTX14BS
650cc Suzuki DL650 V-Strom YTX12BS
650cc Suzuki DR650RSE, RSEU YTX14BS
650cc Suzuki DR650SE, DR650SE, SEU YTX9BS
650cc Suzuki DR650SES YTX12BS
650cc Suzuki GSF650/U, GSX650/F YTX9BS
650cc Suzuki LS650 Savage, S40 N/A
650cc Suzuki LS650, F, P Savage 95-01 N/A
650cc Suzuki LS650, F, P Savage -03 N/A
650cc Suzuki SV650 YT12ABS
650cc Suzuki SV650, S, A, SA YTX12BS
650cc Suzuki XF650 Freewind YTX9BS
750cc Suzuki GSX-R750 YT12ABS
750cc Suzuki GSX750F Katana YTX9BS
750cc Suzuki GSX750P YTX12BS
800cc Suzuki VL800 Intruder Volusia, 50, YTX12BS
800cc Suzuki Boulevard C50, T, M YTX12BS
800cc Suzuki VS800GL, S Intruder, S50 N/A
800cc Suzuki VZ800 Marauder YTX12BS
1000cc Suzuki DL1000, DL1000 V-Strom YTX14BS
1000cc Suzuki GSX-R1000 01-04 YTX12BS
1000cc Suzuki GSX R1000 05-08 YT12ABS
1000cc Suzuki SV1000, S YTX14BS
1000cc Suzuki TL1000R YT12ABS
1000cc Suzuki TL1000S YTX12BS
1100cc Suzuki TL1000R, S YT12ABS
1100cc Suzuki TL1000S V YTX12BS
1200cc Suzuki Bandit1200S, GS1200SS, YTX12BS
1200cc Suzuki GSF1200, A, SA Bandit, YTX12BS
1200cc Suzuki GSX1200 YTX12BS
1250cc Suzuki GSF1250/S, GSF1250S, A Bandit YT12ABS
1300cc Suzuki GSX1300BK B-King YTX12BS
1300cc Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa YT12ABS
1300cc Suzuki GSX1300R, Z Hayabusa YTX12BS
1400cc Suzuki GSX1400 YTX14BS
1400cc Suzuki VS1400GL Intruder, GLP, S83 N/A
1400cc Suzuki VS1400GLF, GLP N/A
1500cc Suzuki VL1500 Intruder, C90, T N/A
1600cc Suzuki Marauder, Boulevard M95 YTX16BS
50cc Sym Big Wheel YT4LBS
125cc Sym Duke, Super Duke YTX7ABS
120cc Triumph Bonneville N/A
150cc Triumph T150 YB7A
150cc Triumph Trident N/A
250cc Triumph T250 YB7A
350cc Triumph 350 (12V) B396
500cc Triumph 500 (12V) B396
600cc Triumph 600 (12V) B396
600cc Triumph Daytona 600/650, Speed Four YTX9BS
600cc Triumph TT600 YTX12BS
650cc Triumph 600 B396
650cc Triumph 600 (12V) B396
650cc Triumph T120 Bonneville N/A
675cc Triumph Daytona 675 06- YT7B4
675cc Triumph Daytona 675 08- YTX9BS
675cc Triumph Street Triple, Street Triple R YTX9BS
750cc Triumph Bonneville, Tiger YB9B
750cc Triumph Daytona/Trident YB14LA2
750cc Triumph T150 Trident N/A
750cc Triumph T750 YB7A
800cc Triumph Bonneville, Speedmaster YTX12BS
865cc Triumph America, Bonneville T100, SE, YTX12BS
865cc Triumph Scrambler, Speedmaster YTX12BS
885cc Triumph Legend TT, T509 Speed Triple YB14LA2
885cc Triumph Thunderbird Sport, Tiger YTX14BS
885cc Triumph Trophy YB14LA2
900cc Triumph Adventurer YB14LA2
900cc Triumph All Other Models N/A
900cc Triumph MB12V14LB N/A
900cc Triumph Legend TT YB14LA2
900cc Triumph Scrambler, Bonneville YTX12BS
900cc Triumph Speed Triple YB14LA2
900cc Triumph T509 Speed Triple YB14LA2
900cc Triumph Thruxton YTX12BS
900cc Triumph Thunderbird 95-02 YB14LA2
900cc Triumph Thunderbird 02-03 N/A
900cc Triumph MB12V14LB N/A
900cc Triumph Tiger YTX14BS
900cc Triumph Trident YB14LA2
955cc Triumph Daytona 955i, Speed Triple, YTX14BS
955cc Triumph Sprint ST, RS, Sprint RS, Tiger YTX14BS
1050cc Triumph Sprint ST, Speed Triple YTX12BS
1050cc Triumph Tiger YT12B4
1200cc Triumph Trophy YTX14BS
1600cc Triumph Thunderbird YTX20LBS
2300cc Triumph Rocket 3 YTX20LBS
50cc Yamaha Aero X R, Max YB4LB
50cc Yamaha Axis, BA50, S, N, C YTX4LBS
50cc Yamaha Beluga, Breeze, BW's Original YB4LB
50cc Yamaha BX50S, CE50D YTX5LBS
50cc Yamaha CS50, M, Z YT4LBS
50cc Yamaha CS50, Z, CV50A, R, ZR YTX4LBS
50cc Yamaha CW50 Zuma II YB4LB
50cc Yamaha CW50, N, RS, RSP YB4LB
50cc Yamaha CW50L, LN, N, RS, RSP YB4LB
50cc Yamaha CY50 Riva Jog YTX4LBS
50cc Yamaha CY50R YT4LBS
50cc Yamaha EW50, EW50N YB4LB
50cc Yamaha Jog50Z YT4BBS
50cc Yamaha NG, Original YB4LB
50cc Yamaha RZ50 YT4BBS
50cc Yamaha SH50 Riva Razz, Slider, Spy, YB4LB
50cc Yamaha STS/SS YB4LB
50cc Yamaha TTR50E, EY, EV YT4BBS
50cc Yamaha TZR50 YT4LBS
50cc Yamaha XC50 Vino Classic, XC50, D, YTX5LBS
50cc Yamaha XF50, XF50W (C3) YTX5LBS
50cc Yamaha YA50R Axis YTX4LBS
50cc Yamaha YB-1, YB50 YT4BBS
50cc Yamaha YH50 YB4LB
50cc Yamaha YJ50R Vino/Vino Classic, YL50 YTX4LBS
50cc Yamaha YN50, M YB4LB
50cc Yamaha YN50F YB5LB
50cc Yamaha YQ50, L YB4LB
50cc Yamaha YV50H YT4BBS
50cc Yamaha YW50A Zuma YTX5LBS
50cc Yamaha YZ50, D, ZS YT4BBS
80cc Yamaha TZR80, D YTX4LBS
90cc Yamaha T90D, N YTX4LBS
90cc Yamaha TTR90E, EV Electric Start YT4BBS
90cc Yamaha YA90 YTX4LBS
100cc Yamaha Aero X100 YTX4LBS
100cc Yamaha AG100E, F 6N42A4
100cc Yamaha Neos100 YTX4LBS
100cc Yamaha TQ100 YTX4LBS
100cc Yamaha XC100 YTX5LBS
100cc Yamaha YN100 YT4LBS
100cc Yamaha YW100EL YT4LBS
105cc Yamaha T105E, SE YB5LB
110cc Yamaha T110S, SE, SEC, LSE YB5LB
110cc Yamaha TTR110EX YT4BBS
110cc Yamaha YBR110A YB5LB
115cc Yamaha AL115, C YB5LB
115cc Yamaha T115LE, LSE YB5LB
125cc Yamaha Maxster125 N/A
125cc Yamaha NXC125 YTX7ABS
125cc Yamaha RS125 YB10LB2
125cc Yamaha TDR125, R YTX5LBS
125cc Yamaha Teos N/A
125cc Yamaha TTR125E, -S, LE, LES, LWE YTX4LBS
125cc Yamaha TTR125E, LWE YT4LBS
125cc Yamaha TW125 YTZ7S
125cc Yamaha TZR125, R YB5LB
125cc Yamaha VP125, R YTX9BS
125cc Yamaha XC125 Cygus-X YTX7ABS
125cc Yamaha XC125, CR YT7B4
125cc Yamaha XC125E YTX7ABS
125cc Yamaha XC125R, T, TR Cygnus YTX7ABS
125cc Yamaha XC125TRB YTX7ABS
125cc Yamaha XTZ125E, K YB5LB
125cc Yamaha XV125 YB10LA2
125cc Yamaha XVS125 N/A
125cc Yamaha XVS125 YTZ7S
125cc Yamaha YB125E, C, CE YB5LB
125cc Yamaha YBR125DX YB5LB
125cc Yamaha YBR125ED YTX7LBS
125cc Yamaha YBR125EG, EGD YB5LB
125cc Yamaha YJ125T Vino 125 YTX7ABS
125cc Yamaha YP125, E YTX9BS
125cc Yamaha YP125R Majesty YTX9BS
125cc Yamaha YW125 YT7B4
125cc Yamaha YZFR125 N/A
135cc Yamaha T135SE, SEC, HC YB5LB
150cc Yamaha YP150 N/A
150cc Yamaha YP150, E YTX9BS
175cc Yamaha DT175 6N63B
180cc Yamaha YP180E YTX9BS
200cc Yamaha AG200FE YTZ7S
200cc Yamaha SDR200 N/A
225cc Yamaha XT225 YTZ7S
225cc Yamaha XT225 Serow YTX7LBS
225cc Yamaha XT225, E, EC, F, FG, G, GC YTX7LBS
225cc Yamaha XT225, V YTZ7S
230cc Yamaha TTR230, T, V YTX5LBS
230cc Yamaha TTR230E YTX5LBS
250cc Yamaha CP250,V YTZ10S
250cc Yamaha Morphous YTZ10S
250cc Yamaha SRV250, G YTX7ABS
250cc Yamaha TT250, RV YT7B4
250cc Yamaha TTR250, V YT7B4
250cc Yamaha VP250 YTX9BS
250cc Yamaha WR250F, -S YTX5LBS
250cc Yamaha WR250FR YTZ7S
250cc Yamaha WR250R, RY, RYC, X, XY, XYC YTZ7S
250cc Yamaha XG250 YTZ7S
250cc Yamaha XT250, X YTZ7S
250cc Yamaha XT250V YTX7LBS
250cc Yamaha XTZ250 YTX7LBS
250cc Yamaha XV250 YB10LA2
250cc Yamaha XV250, H Virago YB10LA2
250cc Yamaha XVS250, S YTZ7S
250cc Yamaha YBR250 YTX7LBS
250cc Yamaha YP250 YTZ10S
250cc Yamaha YP250 DX/ABS Majesty, YT7B4
250cc Yamaha YP250 Majesty YT7B4
250cc Yamaha YP250, L, C, G YT9B4
250cc Yamaha YP250, YP250R, YP250RA YTX9BS
250cc Yamaha YP250R YTX9BS
250cc Yamaha YS250 YTX7LBS
300cc Yamaha VP300 YTX9BS
350cc Yamaha XT350, H, N N/A
400cc Yamaha FZR400RR, RRSP YTX9BS
400cc Yamaha SR400 YT4BBS
400cc Yamaha XJR400R YTX9BS
400cc Yamaha XVS400, C YT12B4
400cc Yamaha YP400, A, G, Majesty YT9B4
450cc Yamaha WR450F, -S YTZ7S
500cc Yamaha SR500 YT4BBS
500cc Yamaha SR500, SP N/A
500cc Yamaha XP500, A, W (T-Max) YT9B4
500cc Yamaha XP500, A, Y YTZ10S
500cc Yamaha XT500E YTX9BS
600cc Yamaha FZ6 (All models) YT12B4
600cc Yamaha FZR600, E, RE, REC YB12ALA2
600cc Yamaha FZS600, S, Fazer YT12B4
600cc Yamaha TT600RE YT9B4
600cc Yamaha XJ600S YT12B4
600cc Yamaha XJ600S Diversion YTX9BS
600cc Yamaha XJ6N, NA, S, SA, SY YT12B4
600cc Yamaha YZF-R6 YT12B4
600cc Yamaha YZF-R6, R6S, YSF-R6, S, SC, SV YT9B4
600cc Yamaha YZF-R6, W, EC YTZ10S
600cc Yamaha YZF600FGC, RG, RW YTX12BS
600cc Yamaha YZF600R, Thunder Cat YTX12BS
650cc Yamaha XVF600RT, C YTX12BS
650cc Yamaha XVS650 V-Star (All) YT12B4
650cc Yamaha XVS650, W, WC YT12B4
650cc Yamaha XVS650A Drag Star Cla. YT12B4
650cc Yamaha XVS650V, VC YT12B4
660cc Yamaha Burgman YTX14BS
660cc Yamaha MT03, XT660R, X, XT660R, Z YT9B4
750cc Yamaha FZR750 YTX9BS
900cc Yamaha TDM900, A YT12B4
900cc Yamaha XJ900P, XJ900S Diversion YTX14BS
950cc Yamaha XVS950A, XVS95CTY YTZ14S
950cc Yamaha CTYC, Y, YC YTZ14S
1000cc Yamaha FZ1-N, S, SA, FZS1000 FZ1 YTZ14S
1000cc Yamaha FZS1000, S, T, FZ1 YT14B4
1000cc Yamaha YTZF-R1, W, WC YTZ10S
1000cc Yamaha YZF-RS 98-01 YT12B4
1000cc Yamaha YZF-R1 LEV YTZ10S
1000cc Yamaha YZF-R1, Y, YC 04-09 YTZ10S
1000cc Yamaha YZF-R1S YTZ10S
1000cc Yamaha YZF1000R, Thunderace YTX14BS
1100cc Yamaha BT1100 YT14B4
1100cc Yamaha XV1100 Virago N/A
1100cc Yamaha Y50N18LA2 N/A
1100cc Yamaha XVS1100 YT14B4
1100cc Yamaha XVS1100 Drag Star YT14B4
1100cc Yamaha XVS1100 V-Star (All) YT14B4
1100cc Yamaha XVS1100A, W, WC YT14B4
1100cc Yamaha YVX11AWY, AWYC, AY YT14B4
1200cc Yamaha VMX1200 V MAX YB16ALA2
1300cc Yamaha FJR1300, A, AP, AS, ASY YT14B4
1300cc Yamaha AW, AWC S, SC, XJR1300, SP YT14B4
1300cc Yamaha XJR1300, Y YTZ14S
1300cc Yamaha XVS1300A, AY YTX20LBS
1300cc Yamaha XVZ13 Royal Star/Venture (All) YTX20LBS
1300cc Yamaha XVZ1300 AT Tour Classic YTX20LBS
1300cc Yamaha XVZ1300A Royal Star YTX20LBS
1300cc Yamaha XVZ1300TF Royal Star YTX20LBS
1300cc Yamaha XVZ13CT, CTS YTX20LBS
1600cc Yamaha XV1600 Road Star YTX20LBS
1600cc Yamaha XV1600A Wild Star YTX20LBS
1700cc Yamaha MT01, S YT14B4
1700cc Yamaha VAMX YTZ14S
1700cc Yamaha XV1700A Road Star, Silverado YTX20LBS
1700cc Yamaha XV1700ATMV, AV, AVC YTX20LBS
1700cc Yamaha XV1700P Road Star Warrior YT14B4
1700cc Yamaha XV1700PC, CMV YT14B4
1854cc Yamaha Roadliner, Stratoliner YT14B4
1854cc Yamaha XV19CSY, CSYC, CY, CYC YT14B4
1900cc Yamaha XV1900, A, CT YT14B4
1900cc Yamaha XV19SV, SVC, CTSV YT14B4