2021 started off on a positive note as SABAT Batteries stepped in to invest in the education of some of South Africa’s future leaders. As a sponsor of Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels New Year’s Edition, SABAT has provided bursaries to five lucky recipients.

Corne Strydom, Sales and Marketing Executive at AutoX, explains, “It is imperative now more than ever to invest in the future of South Africa’s youth, starting with a good quality education. In our globalised and knowledge-based world, every young person should be given the opportunity to contribute to society while fulfilling their potential. SABAT is proud that it can lend a helping hand to help deserving individuals kick-start their educational journey.”

AutoX & Good Morning Angels

Good Morning Angels has been a feature on Jacaranda FM breakfast for around sixteen years and its aim is simple: to help, inspire and make the world around us a better place. The programme focuses on individuals in need as well as those who in their way, help others on a daily basis. The success of the programme depends on sponsors and it is here where SABAT Batteries has stepped in this year to provide bursaries for those who are deserving of financial aid.

Meet The 2021 Bursary Recipients

Amongst the five individuals to receive bursaries from SABAT is Makaylin Pillay,18, whose dream is to become the best doctor the world has ever seen. Since she was nine years old, she knew that she wanted to become a doctor and had a passion for medicine and wanted to study a MBCHB. She achieved above average marks throughout her school career and always earned her place on the top ten academic achievers of her grade. The SABAT team was proud to announce that from its Bursary Fund, SABAT Batteries will sponsor Makaylin’s first year tuition fees to study Medicine (MHCHB) at the University of Witwatersrand. 


Romaana Sutton, 23, from Turffontein-West, obtained a Diploma in Public Relations and Communications from the University of Johannesburg in 2019, with eight distinctions. As the first in her family to obtain a matric certificate and then a university qualification, she applied to do an Advanced Communication Management Diploma. SABAT Batteries was thrilled to announce that it will sponsor Romaana’s 2021 tuition fees, allowing her to study her Advanced Communication Management Diploma at the University of Johannesburg.
Hardworking and driven, Chene du Plooy from Centurion was raised in testing financial circumstances. She nevertheless has a burning desire to study a B. Com Financial Sciences and registered for her first year in 2021, not knowing how she would pay her tuition fees. Her end goal is to have the knowledge to help people to manage their money and to grow financially. SABAT is sponsoring Chene’s first year tuition fees, allowing her to study B. Com Financial Sciences at the University of Pretoria.
Akanyang Stephen Mosadi has always harboured ambitions of a career in the legal profession. He obtained a National Diploma as a Legal Assistant from Tshwane University and is currently studying a Bachelor of Law part time at the University of South Africa. Having excelled in his first year, SABAT will sponsor Akanyang’s tuition fees to register and study his second year B Law at UNISA this year.

Good Morning Angels Interview

by Akanyang Stephen Mosadi

The final bursary recipient, Violet Mbongwe, is a bright, hardworking, young lady with her eyes firmly on a better future for herself and her family.

No stranger to financial hardship, Violet’s dreams of the future were shaped by a traumatic childhood experience which saw a brother hospitalised for an extended period. The kindness, sympathy and compassion shown by everyone at the hospital, inspired Violet to become a nurse. SABAT batteries will be assisting her to fulfil her dreams and start her studies at the University of Pretoria by sponsoring Violet’s first year tuition fees.

“There are so many people in our country who need help and some form of assistance,” Corne Strydom concludes, “We are proud that we can lend a hand. We look forward to seeing how the recipients of these bursaries do in the future. We wish them the best of luck”.

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