Get your Car Ready for your Valentine’s Day Road Trip

Get your Car Ready for your Valentine’s Day Road Trip

Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated with gifts, or a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.  But who wants to do ‘the usual’ these days? Why not try something a little different and celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the great outdoors?  Just be sure to take your car for a service before you go on your romantic getaway.

Here are some suggestions of romantic outdoor activities you can do with your partner:

Watch the sunset together

Find a nice spot in your garden, in a park, or on a hilltop and watch the sunset with the one you love. You could even take the romance up a notch and pack some cheese and wine to enjoy together (no drinking and driving though).

Go camping

While heading out for a camping weekend in your car tops the list, there’s no reason why pitching your tent in your backyard can’t be equally romantic – and on the plus side, you won’t need to share your ablutions with strangers. Pack some midnight snacks and cuddle up with your partner for a good night in.

Take a hike

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like getting sweaty together. Put on those hiking boots and go explore! Be sure to choose a hiking trail that suits your fitness levels, and one where you can stop often to enjoy the views.

Take a drive

Why not try some spontaneity this Valentine’s Day? Get your car serviced, and check your battery, before the big day. Download your favourite playlist, pack some ‘pad kos’ and a blanket and hit the road – destination: anywhere! Take the day to explore different places, and only head back home after stargazing in your favourite spot.

Try an outdoor activity

There are more outdoor activities than just hiking. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try out some zip lining or even bungee jumping. If you’re feeling downright crazy, why not book a sky dive and throw yourselves out of a plane together?

Have a moonlit dinner

Throw a tablecloth over that patio table, take out the fancy glasses, light the candles and cook up a storm. If you feel like a more relaxed vibe, put a blanket and some pillows on the lawn, pack a picnic basket, grab some solar lanterns and lay your spread out for easy pickings.

The best part of an outdoor Valentine’s Day? Getting to spend quality time creating good, inexpensive memories with your loved ones.




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