Summer Mode Activated

Summer Mode Activated

Schools have officially closed, and children are ready to get their #summermodeactivated. This is enough to cause a shudder in even the bravest of parents, so here is a list of (affordable) things you can add to your checklist to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored!” from your kids these holidays.

Make ice cream – There are many child-friendly ice-cream recipes, and children love nothing more than to eat something they’ve made themselves.

Have a water fight – Get hold of each other with the hose or some water guns. For an added layer of fun, don’t get into cozzies for it!

Run through the sprinklers – Do you remember running through the sprinklers as a child? Give your children the same fond memories.

Visit a park – Find a local park and go enjoy the slides and jungle gyms. Take the dog with you and let everyone burn off some energy.

Go on a picnic – Let the kids help you pack some of their favourite snacks and head out to the garden or a nearby park, lay it all out and have a feast.

Make a kite – Kids love making things that ‘work’. Help them build a kite and take it outside to catch some wind.

Go camping – Grab the tent and some supplies and head out to your favourite campsite. Not too keen on camping with others? No problem! Your backyard is the ideal spot for an impromptu family camp-out. Get a fire going and roast some marshmallows for the full camping experience.

Plant something – Get your hands dirty and plant some vegetable or flower seedlings with the kids. An added bonus is that you can literally reap the fruits of your labour in a few weeks’ time. It is also a great opportunity to teach the kids about the water cycle, as well as where their food comes from.

Bake something – Kids love getting their hands into some flour and sprinkles. Dig out gran’s old recipe and reminisce as you smell those biscuits baking. Get some quality time in by decorating them with the kids.

Visit local markets – The festive season is the perfect time to visit local craft markets. Teach your kids about the importance of supporting local businesses, and get some great gifts to boot.

Take a drive – Sometimes simply getting out of the house for a drive is all it takes to beat that cabin fever. Watch the scenery go by, perhaps play a game of I Spy. Whatever you choose to do, just enjoy the ride.

Keeping the kids entertained this festive season is easier than you thought, isn’t it?


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