Preparing your car for Spring.

Preparing your car for Spring.

Now that Spring has officially arrived, it’s time to hit the road, start adventuring, and enjoying some sunshine!

Naturally, after some hibernating, thanks to the cold and Covid, your car will need to have a thorough checking over to make sure you’re safe and ready to go.

Here are some things that you should check:

Check your battery. This is the first thing you should check if your car has been standing for a while. Cold temperatures can also affect your battery, so it’s definitely a good time to have it tested. Get down to your nearest SABAT approved stockist and have a battery test, and if you require a replacement, be sure to hand in your old battery for recycling.

Check your tyres. Here you need to check not only the state of the tread on your tyres, but also the pressure. If your car has been standing for a while, it is possible that it might have dipped slightly. If your tyres are worn, be sure to replace them before you do any significant amount of mileage.

Replace your wiper blades. You don’t want to be caught in a downpour with perished wiper blades. Give your wipers a good look and feel to see if there are any cracks or hardened pieces. If there are, replace them.

Check your wiper fluid level. In winter, you likely used your washer fluid to clean a dusty windscreen, and in summer, you’ll likely use it every time the rain dries on your car. While you can use plain water, using actual wiper fluid will keep your windscreen cleaner and clearer.

Check your service schedule. Cars need to be serviced at regular mileage intervals or at least once annually. Check when you are due for your next service, and book it in if it’s soon. If you are still a while away from your next service, just give your oil and oil filters a once-over to ensure that your engine can run without any trouble. You’ll also find that numerous dealerships offer free checks in the holiday season, so see which dealership in your area can help you.

Lastly, check your car and driver’s licence. If you didn’t drive around much in winter, it is possible that you might have missed a renewal date on either of your licences.

Spring is the ideal time to ensure the safety of your car and yourself, so go ahead and book where necessary right now.


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