How to take care of your motorcycle battery this winter

How to take care of your motorcycle battery this winter

Colder temperatures are setting in, and we all know what that could mean for motorcycle batteries. Whether you’re storing yours for the winter and hitting the road once the sun returns, or braving the freeze for your daily commute, it’s critical to check your battery so that you’re not left stranded.

If you’re looking to have your battery last through a few winters, here are some handy tips:

Give your battery the once over.

First things first, you’ll need to inspect your battery. Check that the cables, posts, and fasteners are all in good nick. Inspect the battery cables, posts, and fasteners. Clean the terminals with a stiff brush or battery cleaner if you see any corrosion or grime. Apply dielectric grease or anti-corrosive spray to prevent further corrosion in the future. Make sure the cables and their housings are in good shape and the connectors are fastened tightly to the battery.

Check the charge.

Use a multimeter to check the state of charge of your battery.

In general, the voltage should be above 12.7 volts for a fully charged battery. Should your battery voltage drop below this level, charge it with a smart charger.

What battery is best for your bike?

If you need a new battery, be sure to get one that meets the specs in your bike’s owner manual.

Trickle charge it.

Bike battery chargers are very simple to use as long as you use the correct one for your kind of battery. A smart battery charger will ensure your battery receives the best conditioning during the winter months.

If you’re looking for a new motorcycle battery, you can find one using our handy battery selection guide here:



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