Tricks To Maintaining Your Car And Other Batteries

Tricks To Maintaining Your Car And Other Batteries


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Keep your batteries in tip-top shape simply by using these simple tricks:

  •  Ensure that your battery is kept clean and dry. Poor battery connections and dirty batteries can affect the performance of the battery and a dirty battery casing can lead to discharge.
  •  Switch off unnecessary electronic equipment while the vehicle is standing to avoid unnecessary discharge of the battery.
  • Invest in a car battery charger that will maintain the ideal charge level when your car is not going to be used for an extended amount of time.
  • If you need to jumpstart your car, be sure to consult the user manual on how best to jumpstart your specific make and model.

It’s also critical to know the warning signs of when you’re about to run into battery problems. These include:

  • Grinding or clicking when you start the car.
  •  Your headlights dim when you’re idling but brighten up when you rev the car.
  •  The engine cranks slowly when you start the car.
  •  Your battery loses power quickly.
  •  The engine does not swing at all when you turn the ignition.

If you’ve bought your battery from SABAT, you can register it online and easily keep track of your warranty and other handy information. Registration is so simple:

For Batteries with a Serial Number:
If you own a mobile phone with a QR code scanner, scan the QR code visible on the lid of your newly purchased Sabat battery. Alternatively, visit the Register My Battery site and manually input the battery serial number in the space provided and complete the additional requested information on the seamless and user-friendly site.

For Batteries without a Serial Number:
Visit the Register My Battery site, find the option “Battery doesn’t have Serial Number?”, click here and complete the required fields.

After registration you can recall battery information when you need it, check the status of your battery warranty, and it also means you no longer need to keep your proof of purchase and present it when claiming a warranty.

Remember to register your battery for these benefits.



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