Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Sabat® Batteries is committed to making a positive impact in its community. This year we have partnered with the Reach For A Dream foundation as one of our core Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Through this partnership, we aim to inspire hope, courage and strength in the lives of critically ill and vulnerable children.

Employee engagement is a principle that we at Sabat® Batteries strive to embody. We welcome Reach For A Dream and are looking forward to a memorable year.

What A Dream Means

When a child is diagnosed with a life-threating illness like cancer, renal failure, or a blood disorder, their whole life is turned upside down. After a diagnosis, there are many financial, emotional and social burdens that are placed on a child and their family. Having a terminal illness robs many children of their childhood as their illness usually requires difficult, painful and long treatments.

Despite these stressful treatments, each child still lives for the present moment. The Reach For A Dream Foundation creates magical dreams that inspires each child to have hope and courage when fighting for their life. No matter the child’s dream – Reach For A Dream will fulfil it, with the help of Sabat® Batteries.


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